Pivot Tubes

RipTide Pivot Cups and Tubes are the result of two years of beta testing in every
possible condition that Colorado's high country can deliver.

RipTide€'s pivots are specifically designed for each truck.  We do not offer
universal styles because of the compromises a universal pivot forces you to
make.  In many cases, we offer both tubes and cups for the same
truck.  Both offer the smooth turning benefits of RipTide'€™s exclusive
internally lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a but the Tube offers even lower
friction due to the reduced surface contact with the nose of the hanger.

The Cups are first molded and then the end is machined to fit the truck’s base
plate perfectly, leaving the pivot contact area is as smooth as possible. 
No machining imperfections and no heat affected zone in the pivot contact
area. The Tubes on the other hand are 100% molded and no machining is

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