APS ShortStreetCone Duro Choices

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APS Street Series Duro Choices required

riptide-sports-short-street-cone-sketch.pngSold as Pair, with small cup washers & a sticker

  • Sized to fit properly in conventional "Indy-style" trucks
  • Custom APS Urethane Formula for ultra-performance and sweet rebound
  • .975" Dia x .4" High (24.77mm Dia x 10.2mm High)
  • E-mail   tracey@riptidesports.com  for help fine-tuning your setup!
  • Stiffer bushings will result in a more resistant board, which can be an advantage when performing tricks - lightweight riders may benefit from mixing duro's roadside & boardside.  (See guide links below)
  • The ShortStreetCone offers wicked turnability
  • Pair with  StreetConesStreetBarrels, StreetFatCones, StreetChubbys or StreetMagnums - ideal for carving, freestyle & tricks
  • Mix duro's &/or shapes to custom-fit your style.  Check out our Info Guides for help:

Bushings Shapes Info Guide         Street Series Info & Setups