Dual Kingpin Board Bushing Box

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Bushing Duros Explained:

   93/96 Box (Very Tight) - This is typically for 200lb+ (91kg+) riders or for riders who prefer a stiffer setup with more stability and less carve.  

   90/93 Box (Tight) - Riders around 150lb - 200lb (68kg - 91kg) will usually like this option and we recommend this the most. This setup has a more carve than the 93/96 box while keeping the stable feel that a tighter setup would have.

   87/90 Box (Medium) - For Riders around 100lb - 150lb (45kb - 68kg) who want an easier turn than the 90/93 box. This setup is starting to get a lot easier to carve.

   84/87 Box (Soft) - Riders 100lb (45kg) and less recommended. This is our softest setup for this kit and is for our young riders or those who want the most carve possible. Our bushing shapes mixed with the Krank formula continue to keep the carve stable and predictable.

NOTE for Meepo Hurricane Riders:  While the Meepo's are great E-Boards, we have found that they are 'twitchier' than other E-Boards and suggest you order a Duro harder than you think you need.  Please contact us if we can help you choose, and know that with what is provided in each kit, you can make the harder duro ride softer than you can make the softer duro ride harder.

Pivot Cups:

   96a Green or Cracked Ice - Our pivot cups give you a nice buttery feel with no squeak! The WFB 96a has been our favorite formula and is a perfect fit for all riders.

Included In The Box:

  • 9 Krank Bushings
  • 11 Washers
  • 4 WFB Pivot Cups
  • 4 RipTide Stickers
  • 1 Plastic Box (9 Slots)


What if I want my setup to carve more?

   - Try using the bonus cone bushing we supplied in the middle of the box in front position 4 (roadside). You can also use the flat washers on the barrels (position 3) if you need more carve. Don't be shy to play around with washer configuration. Make sure you get the kingpin nut snug enough to not loosen and don't tighten down to much (Making the bushing bulge excessively). 

Can I get my ride a bit more stable for speeds?

   - Krank is a great formula because it responds very well to how tight you make the kingpin. Make sure you use the cup washers on the barrels. If the bushing is becoming very bulged and you are still not happy with how your setup is performing. Give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to help.

Additional Notes:

All of our box kit setups maximize your boards stability and predictability. We have tested and hand picked our Bushing shapes, height and duros combos for each truck we have a box for. We have found our that if you make the front truck a bit easier to carve, it will make all the difference in the world. Our Chubby and FatCone shapes provide superb stability when on the board-side(bottom) slot while the barrel and cone bushings let you carve more on the road-side(top) bushing slots. Hope you love the upgraded setup!


Compatible Setups: Backfire Hammer - Backfire Ranger 2 & 3 - Boundmotor Eovan Evolve Flipsky 12" & 13.78" & 15.2" - Gullwing Trucks - Halo Beast - Meepo Hurricane - Metroboard - Miles Rampage - Onsra Ownboard Bamboo AT - Verreal RS - Vestar Blackhawk - Wowgo AT2 

For more info on what bushings are in each kit! Check out our Bushing Box Chart.