How To Setup Roller Skates

Quick Notes - Bushings can also be known as Cushions. Since we started as a skateboard company I will be calling them Bushings in this article to keep things consistent. 

RoadSide Bushing = Top or 2nd Bushing 

HealSide Bushing = Bottom or 1st Bushing


To accurately set up your roller skates you will need to know a few things about your skates.

  1. Find out what plate you have. The brand and name should be written on the plate. You can search by plates or search by skates on our website.

    1. If your plate is not listed on our website, you will need to measure your bushings. To do this accurately, you will need to take them out of the plate before you measure them. To do this just loosen the kingpin nut holding them in place. Be sure to keep the RoadSide bushing and HealSide bushing separate as you will need to place them back in the same way. Normally the HealSide bushing is taller than the RoadSide bushing. Be sure to be as accurate as possible when measuring the height (in inches) of your bushings.

    2. We measure in inches and our roller skate bushings are named after that. For example, Our Roller 50-55 bushings are RoadSide 0.50” tall and HealSide 0.55” tall. Once you know what bushings will fit into your Plate you should be able to find what Roller Series you need. Sometimes stock Roadside bushings are slightly smaller than what we recommend and this should be just fine.

  2. Choose your Formula depending on your skill level and riding style. Our Weight Charts will give you a good starting point if you don't know where to start. We recommend using our washers since we know that they fit. Sometimes the stock washers can be a bit thin also.

  3. Install your Bushings.