Bear Gen 6 Pivot Cup

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Frequently bought together:


  • Sold as a Pair with Sticker!
  • Specifically designed for each truck
  • Lively & Responsive
  • Hand-poured into Custom-made molds, then the cup end is machined to fit the truck's base plate perfectly
  • No machining imperfections and no heat-affected zone in the super smooth pivot contact area
  • RipTide's exclusive Internally Lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a

RipTide Pivot Cups & Tubes are the result of two years of beta testing in every possible condition that Colorado's high country can deliver.

RipTide's Pivots are specifically designed for each truck.  We do not offer universal styles because of the compromises a universal pivot forces you to make.  In some cases, we offer both tubes & cups for the same truck.  Both offer the smooth turning benefits of RipTide's exclusive internally lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a, but the Tube offers even lower friction due to the reduced surface contact with the nose of the hanger.

BEAR PIVOT CUP CHOICES!    If you're looking to replace the Pivot Cups of your Bear Grizzly Trucks - please read carefully!  Pivot Cup sizes are different among some seemingly-same Bear Grizzly Trucks before Generation 5 came out around 2014.  If your Trucks have '5.01' on the hanger (or if you have purchased them new from Landyachtz or a reputable Skate shop within the last 3 years) - your chances are good the Bear Grizzly 5.01 Pivot Cups are the proper size.  The only sure way to be sure what cups you have is to measure the diameter of the cup with calipers.  Generation 5 will be about .70" (17.8mm) the other size (Vintage) will be .74" (18.8mm).  It seems like such a small difference, but it's enough of a difference that the Pivot Cup you order will either drop right in the hole, or there's no possible way you can fit it in the hole.....As you can imagine, this is a bit of a nightmare for us to deal with on an aftermarket basis! 

*** We have found a handy trick for figuring out which Bear Trucks you have!  You need a U.S. Dime - remove the stock pivot cup and holding the dime between your thumb & finger, slide the dime into the pivot cup hole - if it slides in nice & snug and does not move, you have a Generation 5 Truck.  If the dime is loose in the hole and you can hear it rattle when you shake it, then you will need the Vintage Truck Pivot Cup.

So, if you are unsure or cannot measure your Pivot Cups, you should order both sizes - the 5.01 and the 'vintage' - and return the pair that does not fit (at your own expense, which is $2.66 - $3.09 within the U.S. depending how far from California you live), if you want a refund on the unused cups.  We apologize, but we simply can not be responsible for the Pivot Cups not fitting in the older Bear Trucks.  Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help - but even then, it can be really hard for us to tell for sure.....

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