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Roller skaters feel the effect of bushings (cushions) very differently than skateboarders due to such a small wheelbase. You will want softer than what we recommend for skateboards and these weight charts should be helpful in giving you a starting point with our formulas. 

Feel free to contact us for recommendations on what formula to start with. We are happy to help!

APS Formula for Roller Skates

Our most popular and ranged formula. We recommend starting with this formula if you are new to RipTide or roller skating. This formula will quickly change the feel of your skates over stock and give you a solid base on how your skates should perform.


WFB Formula for Roller Skates

Our smoothest formula with lubrication within the urethane is for experienced riders. WFB has a very clean and smooth edge feel on long turns. The fluid feeling of this formula lets you control the skates to the fullest.


Krank Formula for Roller Skates

Our hardest formula for roller skates gives you confidence to go faster and harder than you would on our other formulas. Krank gives you a heavy base with strong edge support while giving you great control and feeling of your skates. We recommend this formula for more aggressive skating styles like derby, park or speed skating styles.


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