Krank Roller 50 - 50 Bushings (8 Pack)

  • Krank Roller 50 - 50 Bushings (8 Pack)
  • Krank Roller 50 - 50 Bushings (8 Pack)
  • Krank Roller 50 - 50 Bushings (8 Pack)


PowerDyne - DynaPro
PowerDyne - Triton

The Roller 50-50 Bushing (Cushion) pack works in the plates listed above. If you do not know your plates please reference our Roller Skates Guide to find your skates plates and compatability. Usually the plate name is written directly on the plate.

This bushing pack is a Cone/Barrel combo. (RoadSide Cone - 0.50" ) (HealSide Barrel - 0.50")

Note - Each skate needs 4 bushings. You will need to buy a total of 8 bushings to complete a pair of skates. Our 8 pack will set up both skates at a discount but you can customize shape combos with our 4 packs.

Bushing Duro (hardness) will greatly change the feel of your skates. Our Bushings offer a considerate upgrade in performance over stock bushings and will help your skates perform the way you want.

Roller Skate Formulas - Plate Sizing Charts

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RoadSide Bushing Height:
HealSide Bushing Height:
Bushing Diameter:
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