KranK StreetSeries Bushings Kit w/Indy Pivot Cups

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Never used anything other than Cones & Barrels in your Street Set-up?  Wondering what our KranK Formula is all about?  This complete kit lets you try one pair of every shape we offer in our Krank Street Series at a special discounted price.  You get:

  • Your choice of durometer of every shape available in the new KranK Formula StreetSeries
  • 7 pairs of bushings, with washers & stickers
  • Indy Pivot Cups
  • Plastic lidded box for easy storage


  • 1 pair ShortStreetCones (RS)
  • 1 pair StreetCones (BS)
  • 1 pair ShortStreetBarrels (RS)
  • 1 pair Street Barrels (BS)
  • 1 pair StreetFatCones (BS)
  • 1 pair StreetMagnums (BS)
  • 1 pair StreetChubbys (BS)
  • 1 pair of Indy 96a WFB pivot cups
  • 7"W x 3.75"L x 1.375"H Plastic yellow box with dividers
  • Your choice of durometers for all bushings 
  • An $87.00 value for $65.00 

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