About RipTide


RipTide Sports came into being when we could not find the range of feel we were looking for in our boards when we started to skate the hills of Santa Barbara with our son. He was not enjoying skating as much as he wanted since he was too light to control the board that he had. So we created bushing durometers all the way down to 60a and discovered a passion for making products that would not only improve the ride and give new life to skateboards, but would also expand the functional range of all disciplines! Our bushings allow all ages and weights to really enjoy the unique freedom that only four wheels attached to a piece of wood can give.

Thirteen years later we have moved to the coast of Oregon and are still just as committed to developing new products and accessories for skating. We have continued to perfect and develop our bearing lubrication, bushing formulas, new durometers, bushing shapes, unique footstops and accessories that will improve the feel and performance of any skateboard or longboard. We are a small family owned company that produces premium hand-crafted urethane compounds in small batches, and we commit to all of our products being made in America.

Our products are inspected at every level of the process, packaged with a sticker and applicable washers or hardware, with user information on the back. We are committed to supplying the right products for the rider’s equipment and have spent countless hours testing and making sure that our products fit correctly. We fully stand by our products and believe we can get skateboards to ride the way you want. We deeply respect what a skateboard can do and strive to make it fun for everyone.

For 2023, we have introduced bushings specifically for the SurfSkate & Roller Skate markets! We are excited to bring our high quality urethane upgrades to these sports!  We are also starting new eco-friendly packaging for our 4 packs and roller skate bushings. This has been a long journey for us and is definitely one that we are committed to continuing.


We believe in skating as a healthy lifestyle and more than just a weekend sport. Our focus is on rider safety and providing high quality products that fit the communities wants and needs.


Skate like there is a tomorrow!


Tracey Miller - Owner

1 (805) 280-5765