The Ditch Slap Banked Slalom World Championships

The Ditch Slap Banked Slalom World Championships

The ISSA Banked Slalom World Championships, aka Ditch Slap start today in Albuquerque, NM! 

Banked Slalom, like regular Slalom, requires riders to pump at fast speeds around cones on the track. But instead of riding around tightly packed cones on a road, Banked Slalom usually takes place in a dry ditch, with cones on the upper edges requiring riders to fully utilize their momentum to get to the next cone! 

The Ditch Slap Timed Banked Slalom Race started this morning and runs till noon, with the Special Timed race starting tomorrow 9-12. Shuttle busses to the ditch run through Friday at 3:30pm, and the Slap party is tomorrow night 6-8pm. This is an incredible chance to watch our Team Rider Judi Oyama race as she practices for the trip to the World Championships in Rome over the Summer, as well as the current reigning World Champion, Lynn Kramer 

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7th May 2024 Siobhan Holden

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