Team Riders

Antoine Carlotti/Carlosteez - Paris, France

Downhill, freeride,freestyle
Besides the fact that riptide makes high quality bushings , they make a lot of different shapes so you can really try many different things
Main Setup:
Moonshine carbon spirit aera p2's 124mm 46/30 powell wheels riptide pivot cups and bushings All APS 92,5a, Fatcone bs canon rs front, chubby bs canon rs back
How did you start skating?
I was watching videos on YouTube, and I started skating on a penny board in parking garages
What do you do outside skating?
I love all kinds of boardsports and I study digital design, I try to do as many things as possible in my life because I hate to get bored!

Brandon DesJarlais - Los Angeles, CA

Downhill, freeride, freestyle
On top of RipTide having a limitless selection of shapes, duros, and formulas which allow me to dial in all my set-ups, I really love the people and passion behind the scenes that makes Riptide so special.