Records Set on RipTide

Records Set and Races Won on RipTide!

We are so proud of our amazing team for crushing events and setting records! Here are some of the highlights: 

World Speed Record Stand-Up Slide: Ambroise Trauet at 73 mph, his film about setting the record, Perseverance, will be released soon! 
World Record Cross country Long Distance Push - Paul Kent and someone, 2022
2023 World Downhill Skateboarding Championships: Abdil Mahdzan 1st place Champion for Luge. 
2023 World Downhill Skateboarding Championships: Alexandros Tzougankis 3rd place overall, won first place in the first race. Antoine Carlotti 4th place overall, won 3rd place in the second race. Andréas Bouclier, 5th place overall.  
Slalom Woman Season 2023: Lynn Kramer 1st place, Judi Oyama 3rd place.  
French Championship: Alexandros Tzougankis 1st place, Antoine Carlotti 2nd place, Yanis Markarian 3rd place. Andreas Bouclier 1st place junior division. 
KNK Longboard Camp: Ambroise Trauet 2nd place. 
World Freestyle Roundup: Isamu Yamamoto 1st place. 
KNK No Paws Down 2020: Antoine Carlotti