Pilot Cushions - 8 Pack

  • Pilot Cushions - 8 Pack
  • Pilot Cushions - 8 Pack


Premium Urethane Cushions / Bushings for Pilot Rollerskate Plates. Compatible with Viper and Falcon Plates.


Compatible with lots of Atom Skates Plates.

The Viper Series use Cone/Cone cushions stock. Since we sell Barrels as the plateside cushion, we are now including the plateside barrel washer in the pack so you'll receive washers that fit. 

The Falcon Series uses Bionic bushings stock and has a locking nut / washer combo which requires notched kingpin threads. We do not cary these washers or nuts and thus do not offer a washer for the roadside position on the Falcons. Please note that a normal locknut will get destroyed and damage the cushion, so we do not recommend using our roadside washers in this plate.

We do not carry WFB for the Pilot Falcons. If you were interested in WFB and now aren't sure what to get, please contact us for a custom recommendation! 

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