WFB Barrel

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WFB Barrel Longboard Bushings are sold as a Pair with a sticker and No Washers are included. Bushing Height: 0.6" - Bushing Diameter: 0.98"

The WFB formula will have a white powder residue on the surface. This is a good thing and is expected! This formula has a unique lubrication added which does not bond with the urethane. Photographed products had been washed beforehand, so do not worry if your product arrives with a white powder on the surface.

--  WFB rides a couple of points softer than they test, so please order accordingly.  --

Keep in mind that the rounded edge goes towards the hanger of the skateboard truck and fits snugly into the bushing seat.


WFB Formula - Longboard Barrel -

Don't be afraid to mix and match a softer durometer bushing into the Road-Side (Top) position with a harder durometer in the Board-Side (Bottom) position. This can provide additional stability while still allowing for some carve.

- Very Hard durometer bushings (95.5a) are typically for heavier riders or for riders looking for a very tight setup.

- Hard durometer bushings (93a) are typically for average weight riders and allow for a nice tight set-up with very little wobble.

- Medium durometer bushings (88a) are for medium weight riders & for those looking for a bit looser setup than the hard.

- Soft durometer bushings (83a - 78a) are for light-weight riders & those looking for a loose setup.

- Very Soft durometer bushings (73a - 68a) are designed for very light-weight or young riders but are also useful for those looking for a super loose setup (slalom).


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