Custom Height, Duro & Shape Combo Pack



This pack is designed for riders who want to dial in their setup at a discounted price. Select your correct bushing height and then choose your duro / shape combo to create the perfect setup. 

This pack includes 3 different durometers with 4 bushings each (12 Bushings total). Included washers by shape: Cone (Small Flat & Small Cup), Barrels (Small Flat & Large Cup), Fatcone and Chubby (Large Flat). Swapping out washers. or shapes and playing with durometers will greatly improve how your board responds. 


Height & Geometry - This is very important for every truck. Make sure that you are selecting the right heights for your setup. If you are not sure what heights or shapes work in your trucks, please use Shop by Truck. 

Durometers / Formulas - APS and KranK are our most versatile formulas. We have selected the most popular durometer combinations for these packs. If you need help figuring out what formula is right for you, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shape Combos - The shape of the bushings will greatly affect the response you get from our urethane. This is a great way to dial in your setup even more or create a more stable split setup while using the same durometers. *Please note* Fatcones and Chubbys do not fit in every style of truck. 

Split Setups vs Symmetrical - Having a split setup can greatly improve your stability at speeds. This pack is designed to give you the option of different shapes, durometers and washers to find your perfect ridefeel! 

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