RipTide is at E-Sk8 Con 2024 in Vegas!

We are so stoked to be at E-Sk8 Con 2024 in Las Vegas! E-Sk8 Con is one of our favorite events and this year features 3 days of racing, connecting with the community and intense fun! 

We're here with some of our OEM manufacturers including M Boards - the host of E-Sk8 Con- Stooge Raceboards, Radium Performance, MetroBoards and Hoyt St! Other vendors include Waterborne Skateboards, Shoc Board Systems, Onsra, Mooney ESkate, Acedeck and Meepo, among many others. 

The event started yesterday with preliminary races and warm ups around the .39 mile long curvy track at the Llama lot off Fremont St in downtown Las Vegas, with riders hitting speeds of up to 35 mph.  Today features more races and open track time, and tomorrow features the last heat of races for novice at 10 am and advanced/pro at 12 pm. Finals are tomorrow at 2 pm, with an open track freeride afterwards. 

Entry is $65 for general admission, with the opportunity to watch some of the best E-Sk8 riders in the world and talk with the innovative brands leading this exciting, fast paced, high speed sport! 

6th Apr 2024 Siobhan Holden

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