New Bushing Combo Pack!

New Bushing Combo Pack!

Have you ever had trouble getting the correct durometer on your first order? Have you wanted to try multiple shape combinations? Our new Custom Height, Duro & Shape Pack is for you! 

The web exclusive Custom Height, Duro & Shape Pack is perfect for riders with standard trucks* who want to try the most popular durometers or play with different shapes. It's a great option if you're not sure exactly what durometer you'll need or if you want to play with split set ups.  

First, choose the height for your trucks in the drop down menu. We offer this pack for common truck height combos - if you have more unique height needs shop by height instead. Remember that geometry is important so if you're not sure what you have, check our databases first. 

Once you have your heights, the fun begins! Decide whether you'll prefer riding with KranK or APS - both formulas are quite versatile. For these packs we are offering the most popular durometer ranges, and you can choose which one you think will suit you best. Next, choose your shape combos. You have the option to choose a different shape for each bushing, including different shapes for the front and back trucks.  

The Custom Height, Duro & Shape Pack will really allow you to dial in your set up. You will be receiving 4 bushing shapes in three different durometers, as well as washers that work with those shapes. The CHDS Pack is great for Asymmetrical Setups: you can ride with different washers, different shapes and different durometers without having to order multiple times. Keep in mind that bushings of different duros in the same truck average out. A 90 on top and 95 on bottom will feel like a 92.5, and you can use this to slightly adjust the hardness. 

*If you are not sure what height your trucks take or want more durometer options, check out Shop by Truck

3rd Apr 2024 Siobhan Holden

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