Bushing Shapes Explained

- Listed in order of lowest to highest stability -


Short Street Cone - Street Cone - Cone - Tall Cone

Our cone shape has the lowest resistance and stability of all the shapes addressed on this page and can allow your trucks to easily achieve their full lean and turn without loosing the feel of the truck.




Short Street Barrel - Street Barrel - Barrel - Tall Barrel

Our barrel shape offers the next step up in stability above our cones and are often used for a broad range of skating disciplines depending on the skaters skill level and personal preference. This is our most commonly used bushing.




Street FatCone - FatCone - Tall FatCone

Our FatCone shape have the same initial stability as a barrel but as you lean they offer a progressively higher resistance the further you lean.




Street Chubby - Chubby - Tall Chubby

Our chubby shape offers the highest stability of all the shapes discussed here and work best in a truck that has a stepped bushing seat to take advantage of the secondary step in the bushing, the vertical side wall and the large backside of the Chubby.  They still turn very well and can be used in a softer duro if you are looking for a stable yet plush and comfortable setup.  The Chubby is one of our most versatile bushings because of its size, shape and wide variety of applications.




Canon and Magnum bushings are designed for Paris trucks.






 Canon is the same shape as a barrel but with a slightly larger outer diameter. This helps the bushing fit a bit more precisely in the hangar.





Magnum is a replacement for the chubby bushings in pairs trucks.




Bushing Shape Combination Recommendations

The Cone / Cone setup

For those looking for a very carvy or surfy feel.  With this choice, the further you lean, the less resistance there is.

The Cone / Barrel setup 

For those looking for a carvy or surfy feel but with a bit more stability.  With this choice the resistance is constant throughout the range of motion.

The Barrel / Barrel setup 

For those looking for higher stability at higher speeds but still highly maneuverable for slides, high speed carving and downhill applications.

The Barrel / FatCone setup

For those looking for higher stability at higher speeds but still highly maneuverable for slides, high speed carving and downhill applications.  This setup is ideal when you need to restrict the ends of the lean to prevent wheelbite or if you just like a more progressive feel to your setup. 

The Barrel / Chubby 

Our go to set up for most applications due to its versatility.  It is excellent for Free-ride, Fast Free-ride, Technical Downhill, Downhill and just flat out speed.