Riptide Bushings Elevate Your Level Of Comfort Dramatically!

If you own a Bennett or Ronin set of trucks, then you’ll want to listen to all the information we are here to provide about our APS TallFatCone Bushings - 85A. These tall and chubby Riptide bushings are meant for riders that are looking for the best of rebounds. All you have to ask yourself is, “am I tired of feeling the small bumps in the roads as if I were riding over concrete blocks?”

This particular type of Riptide bushings make for a great way to traverse and plunge yourself down the hilly road you love so much. It will provide you with the comforted pressures and pleasures you so long for. At the end of the day, after a long ride, instead of feeling like your legs have been pummeled by a hammer, you can feel like they just went through a simple workout. These Riptide bushings were specifically tailored and designed for responsiveness. So the next time you are browsing for bushings and want to compare them to ours, just remember that we think of the riders’ desires before the design process even begins.

These Championship Style APS TallFatCone Bushings are impeccably processed throughout their manufacturing. They are one of our most prideful Riptide bushings in our extensive inventory. If you do not happen to have Ronin or Bennett trucks, but still have trucks that require .8” high bushings, these will do more than just satisfy your sizing requirements. These are lively and responsive, which should be the very definition of riding in the first place! 

20th Apr 2014

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