Riptide Double Barrel Bushings Provide Better Rebounds

What most riders are looking for these days... is a great rebound! That's why we highly recommend you browse through our Riptide double barrel bushings selection, as they have been uniquely designed to provide some of the best rebounds any rider has ever felt. We know that is what most riders are looking for when they are riding at fast speeds, primarily due to the reason for cautionary safety. If a rider is riding on some non-forgiving bushings, it can be really hard to stay on the board while cruising at high speeds over small bumps. 

One of the pairs of Riptide double barrel bushings that we have for sell is our APS BARREL BUSHINGS 97.5A. These bad boys are known for their fantastic forgiveness, as their made from a custom APS urethane blend, ultimately providing better performance and a sweeter rebound. These are not only responsive but extremely lively in their abilities. Their dimensions are .975" dia x .60" high, which works perfectly with so many trucks out there. 

We always recommend using hard durometer bushings for riders that are over 125 lbs. If you are over this weight, like most people are in general, then you'll definitely want some great support beneath you, which means using our Riptide double barrel bushings. 

2nd Apr 2014

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