The Evolving Standards Of Riptide Longboard Bushings

SInce the very inception of longboarding in the 1950s, the sport has seen nothing but steady growth and rising popularity. It is one of the most fun things someone can do for themselves and their body, as it gives a wonderfully dynamic amount of different feelings. The feelings that are experienced from plunging one’s body down a hill while simultaneously riding on top of a Longboard, are magnificent. Plus, the fact that someone can ride up to 35 miles per hour on a longboard showcases the g-force that can potentially happen when making fast turns.

Most of our Riptide longboard bushings are meant for speeding down hills and keeping a cool mentality and physicality at the same time. They've been designed to handle the unexpected dirt, sand, and gravel that shows up on paved roads, regardless of being within sight or not. Our custom urethane blends went through several revisions and assessments before ever being brought to mold and form. This process was performed dozens and dozens of times, furthering the amount of precision craftsmanship that went into each and every one of our blends.

In todays’ standards of longboarding, the mix of disciplines and styles have evolved this sport annually, basically creating no standards. The inventions, adaptations, and innovations of new longboards and longboard bushings have helped create a far more dynamically complex sport. As most of you longboarders know, the ability to traverse gravel, sand, and dirt are now possible. By using some of our Riptide longboard bushings, you’ll be able to use your awesome longboard in ways you never thought possible! 

27th Apr 2014

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